"In the ordinary there is much to be discovered. Untold stories. Hidden human experience. Nature unobserved. Richness of life on our doorstep."

(Mark Pedley)


True2Film - Writing and Photography

True2film is my personal project in writing and photography. In particular, I have an interest in closer examination and observation of the mundane and routine, the moments and experiences that often remain unseen or fail to leave a lasting impression, or even no impression at all. Writing and photography help me to increase my awareness of the world around me. This website offers a means to publish a selection of my work. Read more about my photography here.

Mark Pedley


I tend to view making photographs with film to be a more intentional, structured process that results in photographs that are truly different to those made with a digital camera.





Street sellers Mumbai India


A journal of short articles and stories illustrated with photographs.

Kayak on a side arm of the River Rhine near Karlsruhe Germany


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Partnachklamm  gorge near Garmisch-Partenkirchen Bavaria Germany