Nothing Everywhere



Take a look at the photograph above. What do you see? A tree? Leaves in the background? Moss on the bark? Yes, all of those things are there in the photograph. Now look again. Did you miss something?

Space. You probably missed the space in between the branches of the tree, or between the tree and the leaves in the background. Think about it. Without space there would be no forked branches, no background, no means to separate the physical things we are able to observe and experience.

Look again. Can you see the space now? Can you see how real and tangible it is? Stare at it, try to see it as another element or object in the scene. It is not "nothing". It is "something". It is real, has substance, impact, and importance. Without it, the other elements in the scene cannot exist.

I try to apply this way of seeing to everything I experience or do. Between the tangible there is the less-obvious "space". Those things that make my experience real, good, or bad. When I'm feeling joyful, what is enabling that joy to exist? When I am dealing with tough problems, or even tough people, what else is impacting the situation? Being able to see the space in between gives me more options, more doors to opportunity.

Next time, try to see the space.