Tin Can

Ford Mustang, Germany.

Ford Mustang, Germany.

I ride to work on my bike on most days. Today was no exception. While waiting to cross the road, I took a few moments to watch the cars driving by. Large ones, small ones, colourful ones, drab ones. Many looked similar in form. But there was one feature all had in common. Statement.  I had the impression many of the cars driving past were more than just machines to transport their owners from here to there. No, there is more to the car. It seems their owners want others to make their Statement.

What is their Statement? Well, I think one young driver may have given me the answer. He pulled up at the traffic lights directly in the lane next to me. A shining red sporty type of car with wide aluminium wheels. He seemed to be staring at me, a look of expectation on his face. Look at me was my immediate interpretation. What was he expecting from me? Why should I look at him? The lights changed to green. Wheels spun. He screeched away at high speed. I noticed. 

Was getting noticed his expectation, and did getting noticed make him feel good? Did the driver believe the optics of his flashy, fashionable, powerful car change his intrinsic value as a human being? Is there a psychological reward resulting from the driving of a car that gets noticed? What could the reward be? Perhaps the sports car delivers a dynamic thrill longed for by their drivers but missing in their lives, while the 4x4 helps their drivers to experience a sense of the adventure absent in their daily routine. Perhaps. 

I rode on, enjoying the beautiful sunny morning. I had no desire to be locked up in a tin can.