The Forest

Gnome, Weingarten, Germany.

Gnome, Weingarten, Germany.

There he was. As large as life. Sitting on top of his tree stump, deep in the forest. He was proud, radiating authority and wisdom. It was clear to me whose home I had stepped foot into.

I paused. Would he scold me for travelling so deep into his forest? Would he shout out an order to attack, triggering hundreds of tiny feet to charge towards me, the forest floor rumbling as the little forest soldiers come closer and closer, while I stood there frozen, unarmed, exposed? 

No. None of that happened. He seemed to smile, silently signalling I may proceed. 

The forest is a peaceful place. I like to be surrounded by its green canopy and mysterious atmosphere. There something magical about forests. I like to think of them as a place where humans remain ignorant of the wonderful things hidden inside. 

This little man was my reminder that forests deserve respect and protection. I proceeded with a calming thought that I am again permitted to enjoy this magical place. The forest.